This code of conduct applies to all players who participate in the Bowls England National
Championships/Competitions, S.B.A. competitions and any representative matches. Ignorance of the code is no excuse.

Managers, selectors and players shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favourably upon Bowls England, Somerset Bowls Association, Clubs and fellow bowlers both on and off the bowling green.

In particular he/she should:

1.  Observe at all times the relevant Laws of the Sport.
2.  Adhere to Bowls England Betting Integrity Guidance, Disciplinary Regulations, Anti-Doping Guidance and Equality Policy.
3.  Comply strictly with the guidance relating to ‘slow play’ as per B.E. website.
4.  Not cheat in order to gain unfair advantage, or deliberately lose a game.
5.  Not use any form of gamesmanship in an attempt to gain unfair advantage.
6.  Show respect to colleagues, opponents and officials and not to subject them to any physical or verbal abuse at any time.
7.  Report punctually at the designated time and place.
8.  Not render themselves unfit through alcohol or drugs either on or off the green.
9.  Not smoke on or off the green.
10. Not us