Mixed Patrons v Gloucestershire VP’S

Wednesday 29 August 2018 at 2pm at Chew Stoke BC

The team selected to represent the Patrons is:
Arnold Elsy(Clevedon Prom)Sandy Kennedy(Taunton Deane)Mike Gilbert(Prattens)
Celia Whitmarch(Chew StokeBarrie Davis(Patrons Chairman)Tony Derrick(Clevedon Prom)
Tony Hunter(Keynsham)Viv Burt(Wyrral Park)Joan Curtis(frome Park)
Carolle Skeates(Patrons secretary)Bob Edge(Keynsham)Derrick Demery(Clevedon Prom
Colin Love(Prattens)Alan Durnford(Prattens)Mike Kennedy(Taunton Deane)
Alan Tinkling(Clevedon Prom)Shirley Marsh(Chew Stoke)Sandra Every(Williton)
Liz Durnford(Prattens)John Curtis(Frome Park)TBA
David Bendall(Keynsham)Tony Whitmarsh(Chew Stoke)Barrie Dando(Prattens)
Reserves:Shirley Nicholls(Street) Sandra Every(Williton)
Gus Halfhide(Prattens) Barry & Jennifer Hull(Yatton)
Pam & John Green(City of Wells) Alan Birch(Isle of Wedmore)
Jo Sherlock(Bath) Pam & John Green(City of Wells)

CAROLLE SKEATES 01749 346101. 56 Cornwall Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5UR (carolleanne1910@gmail.com)

Mixed Patrons v Norwest BC (Len Hilleard Cup)

Monday 10 September 2018 at 6.15pm under floodlights

The Patrons team to play Norwest BC is:
Mike Gilbert (Prattens)Roger Warnett (Queen Camel)Colin Love (Prattens)
Barrie Davis (Chairman)Pat Taylor (Wessex)Hilary Leamon (Severalls)
Tony Hunter (Keynsham)Viv Burt (Wyrral Park)Gus Halfhide (Prattens)
Carolle Skeates (Secretary)Carmen Riccio (Keynsham)Judith Staunton (Bath)
Carole J-Timms (Fosseway)Brian Webber (Alexandra Bath)Ivan Read (Imperial)
Marion Warnett (Queen Camel)Joan Davis (Wessex)Ann Goodwin (Castle Cary)
Hugh Goodwin (Castle Cary)Ann Truscott (Merriott)Jerry Reynolds (Weston Bath)
Chris Truscott (Merriott)Ken Leamon (Severalls)Shirley Nicholls (Street)
Reserves:Barrie Dando (Prattens)Sandra Every (Williton)
Jo Sherlock (Bath)Liz Durnford (Prattens)
Alan Birch (I of Wedmore)Joan McInally (Ashcombe Park)
Peter Battram (Clevedon)

CAROLLE SKEATES 01749 346101. 56 Cornwall Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5UR (carolleanne1910@gmail.com)

Ladies Patrons: President v Senior Vice President

Monday 17th Sept 2018 at 1.30pm at Street BC

Maureen Derrett(Castle Cary)Jo Sherlock(Bath)Ann Goodwin(Castle Cary)
Audrey Birch(Isle of Wedmore)Pauline Dando(Prattens)Marilyn Gozna(Portishead RBL)
Pat Bell(Victoria Park)Hilary Leamon(President)Jan Dart(Purnells)
Jill Price(Bridgwater)Elaine Deverill(Isle of Wedmore)Sandra Graham(Westlands)
Sandra Every(Williton)Trudy Bishop(City of Wells)Ann Truscott(Merriott)
Nova Edwards(Bridgwater)Celia Whitmarsh(Chew Stoke)Teresa Pinder(Ilminster)
Joan Curtis(Frome Park)Norma Pugh(Ilminster)Viv Burt(Wyrral Park)
Shirley Nicholls(Street)Elaine Amery(Williton)Glyn Jones(Yeovil
Jenny Byett(Congresbury)Lynda Sykes(City of Wells)Margaret Dyer(Clevedon Prom)
Bev Parker(Yatton)Hannah Frye(Victoria WSM)Millie Chudley(Victoria WSM)
Liz Taylor(Long Ashton)Shirley Marsh(Chew Stoke)Joan Harvey(Keynsham)
Heather Willerton(City of Wells)Carolle Skeates(Patrons sec)Sue Cooper(Junior Vice Pres)
Trish Newell(Isle of Wedmore)Lynn Mead(Victoria Park)Carole Jenner-Timms(Fosseway)
Liz Durnford(Prattens)Chris Peart(Wessex)Julie Ratcliffe(West Backwell)
Pat Taylor(Wessex)Gill Harvey(Isle of Wedmore)Kay Wilson(VictoriaWSM)
Ailsa Midwinter(Senior Vice Pres)Carole Symonds(Bath)Jane Rossiter(City of Wells)
Reserves: Lesley McLaren(Severalls Jubilee)
There will be a spider cost £1 in aid of the Presidents Charity.

CAROLLE SKEATES 01749 346101. 56 Cornwall Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5UR (carolleanne1910@gmail.com)