SOMERSET V DEVON on Saturday 1 June 2019 at 1.30
The team selected to play against Devon is as follows:-
Liz Taylor (LA)Olivia Starr (Bri)Chantelle Manns (Str)
Barbara Colby (Yeo)Celia Whitmarsh (CS)Jade Poolman (Bri)
Margaret Dyer (CP)Corrinne Williams (Str)Jenny Tibbs (CS)
Marilyn Gozna (RBL)Stef Branfield (Cle)Kirsty Hembrow (TD)
Becky McMillan (StA)Pauline Dando (Pra)Julie Ratcliffe (WB)
Karen Malone (Str)Kate Herbison (Con)Jill Humphries (Yeo)
Judith Staunton (Ba)Sue Cooper (Vic)Heather Willerton (CoW)
Laura Holden (Cle)Elaine Amery (Wil)Angie Thompson (Ilm)
RESERVES to attend:
Janet Birth (RBL)Greta Clutterbuck (CC)Carole Symonds (Ba)
Unavailable:Mary Sutton (Som)Mavis Main (Amb)
Players and reserves report to Nancy Winsborough by 12.45.