John’s Trophy Trial – Clevedon BC on 15th May 2022 at 10.30am.


The following players have been invited to a Johns Trial at Clevedon B C at 10.30am on 15 May 2022
Jade Poolman (Bri)Shannon Crouch (Ilm)Charmian Pearce (Cle)
Carole Symonds (Ba)Barbara Ball (Ilm)Karen Malone (Str)
Carolle Skeats (CoW)Debbie Hawker (Ilm)Elaine Amery (Wil)
Deborah Vass (LA)Becky McMillan (StA)Stef Branfield (Cle)
Greta Clutterbuck (CC)Imogen Cracknel (TD)Laura Holden (Cle)
Julie Ratcliffe (WBa)Jane Rossiter CoWOlivia Starr (Cle)
Kate Herbison (Con)Helen Nauton (RBL)Marilyn Gozna (RBL)
Liz Taylor (LA)Chantelle Manns (Str)Margaret Dyer (CP)
Madison King (Con)Corrinne Williams (Str)Jill Humphries (Yeo)
Sue Tassell (Phd)Fiona Waters (Vic)Jenny Bell (Kn)
Karen Robinson (SP)Sue Cooper (Vic)Mary Sutton (Som)
Sam Wall (Ilm)Carole Jenner-Timms (Pur)Julia Lean (TD)
Sharon Bulled (Ba)Janet Birth (RBL)Sally Di Fazio (Kyn)
Angie Thompson (Ilm)Barbara Colby (Yeo)