Eligibility and Badging criteria (March 2018)

Age RangeType of EventExamplesEligibility CriteriaAward upon 1st appearanceAward of Flash
SeniorInter-County Championship MatchMiddleton Cup/Johns TrophySelection based on proven performanceUpon 4th appearance. "Midd. Cup/Johns Trophy" flash
Inter-County Double RinkBalcomb Trophy/Walker CupSelection based on proven performanceUpon 2nd appearance, "Double Rink" flash
Friendly & League MatchSW Counties Leagues and all other non-Executive / non-Presidential representative matchesA member of a Club affiliated to Somerset Bowls Association (note for League & Cup matches selection will be based on merit)Upon 4th appearance over 3 years or more, “County Badged” flash
JuniorJunior Championship MatchWhite Rose (Men), Amy Rose (Ladies)Selection based on proven performance + AgeUpon 2nd appearance "Junior Double Rink" flash