Official Rankings for Somerset Bowls Association - Men and Ladies.
The SBA ranking list is based on a player's performance in the Associations National Championships (Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and 2-Woods)
The championships for which points are awarded are open to every member of a club affiliated to the SBA on an equal basis each year
Calculation of a Player's Ranking
Singles -Winner 64 ptsRunner-up - 32 ptsSemi-Finalist 16 ptsQuarter Finalist - 8 ptsLast 16 - 4 pts
Pairs Half of Singles points
Triples / FoursHalf of Pairs points calculated to last 8
2 - Wood SinglesSame points as Pairs, but calculated back to last 8
The above points are for the current year. In subsequent years the carried forward total would have 2 points deducted and then that total halved. Any total points at the end of the season that is 2 or less would not be carried forward.
Note that the next Official Rankings List for Somerset Bowls Association will appear at the end of 2022 Season.
RANKINGS 2021     
1Amery J1191Branfield S (Cle)170
2Barnard S1182Hembrow K (TD)95
3Steel. S523Holden L (Cle)42
4Hamilton M444Gozna, M (RBL)40
5Groves J425Hawker D (Ilm)36
6Withers R365Birth J (RBL)36
7Yeoman N357Cracknell I (TD)35
8Hopegood E348Branfield J (Cle)33
9Tackle C339Starr O (Bri)32
10Pearce N2710Groves P (RBL)24
11White L2411Dando P (Pra)22
12Solle J2312Spencer P (RBL)20
13Rowe N2212Thompson A (Ilm)20
14Owens A2014Bessell E (Yeo)19
15Towells J1915George S (Cle)16
15Westlake N1915Frye H (WSM-Vic)16
17Jones K1815Waters F (WSM Vic)16
18Best1615Wilson K (WSM-Vic)16
18Hembery J 1619McMillan R (StA)15
18Kingston J1619Monkton M (Ilm)15
21Byett D1221Williams L (Td)14
21White R1222Taylor L (LA)13
23Hembrow L1122Davies S (RBL)13
24Birmingham P1022Herbison K (Con)13
24Parker F1025Green P (CoW)12
26Birmingham R926Corner E (Yeo)11
26Page A926Short S (Cle)11
26Shipway C926Willerton H (CoW)11
29Baker B829Rossiter J (CoW)9
29Jones Kei829Jenner-Timms C (Purn)9
29Priddle T831McInally J (Amb)8
29Provis P831Difazio S (Keyn)8
29Salter T831Dunford L (Prat)8
29Tarrant A831King M (Cong)8
29Marsh M831Malone K (St)8
29Williams N831Wall S (Ilm)8
37Branfield P731Williams C (St)8
37Hemburrow T738Tassell S (Phd)7
37Taylor A738Sherlock J (Ba)7
40Forse B540Amery E (Wil)6
40Giovani T540Bennett C (LA)6
40Herbison B540Love C (Pra)6
43Branfield J443Harris C (TD)5
43Dart D443Anderson F (CC)5
43Hurst D443Clutterbuck G (CC)5
43Lightfoot I443Colby B (Yeo)5
43Lorimer H443Marsh S (CS)5
43Reeve M443Symonds C (Ba)5
43Robinson c 449Bulled S (Ba)4
43Sherlock449Butt A (Ba)4
43Smart449Clifford J (IOWed)4
43Sparey J449Kelly J (RBL)4
43Taylor D449Kite F (IOWed)4
43Trent S449Lyster S (IOWed)4
43Trunks I449Manns C (Str)4
56Anderson W349Stoke M (CS)4
56Eley c357Hooper J (Wat)3
56Hall G357Mc Dermaid H (Wat)3
56Richards R357Staunton J (Ba)3
56Stocker S357Humphries J (Yeo)3
61Birth T257Clark S (CC)3
61Clutterbuck M257Cridland S (TD)3
61Freeman J257Veiga, L (Yeo)3
61Fuidge S264Kemp H (Yeo)2
61Gilbert G264Matravers S (TV)2
61Glover264Vass D (LA)2
61Mace A264Ball C (Ba)2
61Purnell B264Bass D (LA)2
61Rendall A264Bridle L (RBL)2
61Rowdon K264Brown W (Yeo)2
61Secker S264Calladine J (RBL)2
61Skehan D264Derrett M (CC)2
61Spurry C264Excell M (Sub) (RBL)2
61Beard D264Hellens R (RBL)2
61Stocker L264Helps M (CC)2
61Wilcock G264Naunton H (RBL)2
61Winmill T264Whitlock J (Yeo)2
61Woods G264Dyer M (CP)2
79Perry179Bird S (Ba)2
79Clark D179Bishop T (CoW)2
79Crouch R179Keedwell, J (CS)2
79Eley T182Shearing C (Ba)1
79Elms 182Whitmarsh C (CS)1
79Ferguson J1
79Jay G1
79Kunc N1
79Mc Govern D1
79Salter S1
79Skehan D1
79Stone P1
79Symonds G1
79Trunks I1
79Turner S1
79Williams R1