Official Rankings for Somerset Bowls Association - Men and Ladies.
The SBA ranking list is based on a player's performance in the Associations National Championships (Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and 2-Woods)
The championships for which points are awarded are open to every member of a club affiliated to the SBA on an equal basis each year
Calculation of a Player's Ranking
Singles -Winner 64 ptsRunner-up - 32 ptsSemi-Finalist 16 ptsQuarter Finalist - 8 ptsLast 16 - 4 pts
Pairs Half of Singles points
Triples / FoursHalf of Pairs points calculated to last 8
2 - Wood SinglesSame points as Pairs, but calculated back to last 8
The above points are for the current year. In subsequent years the carried forward total would have 2 points deducted and then that total halved. Any total points at the end of the season that is 2 or less would not be carried forward.
Note that the next Official Rankings List for Somerset Bowls Association will appear at the end of 2018 Season.
RANKINGS 2018     
1Steel S72
2Hembery J64
3Pearce N52
4Williams N40
4Hopegood E40
5Kingston J32
5Birmingham P32
6Rowe N24
7Barnard S22
8Westlake N20
8Branfield P20
9Forster A16
9White R16
9Woods G16
9Groves J16
10Fuidge S12
11Trunks I10
11Salter S10
11Clutterbuck M10
12Hamilton M8
12Anderson W8
12Stone P8
12Clark D8
12Townsend L8
12Symonds G8
12Salter T8
12Owens A8
12Jones K8
12Croach R8
12Colby P8
12Chaney K8
13Winmill T6
13Freeman J6
13Tibbs M6
13Sully A6
13Lorimer H6
13Hall T6
13Gilbert G6
13Dart D6
14Hill D4
14Branfield J4
14Skehan D4
14Towells J4
14Secker S4
14Saunders N4
14Reeve M4
14Mayhew S4
14Doughty R4
14Chilvers P4
14Beard D4
15Amery J2
15Amour S2
15Baker I2
15Barry B2
15Berry A2
15Birth T2
15Bradley A2
15Brightman D2
15Care M2
15Curtis P2
15Davies Maurice2
15Davies Mike2
15Delamont A2
15Ferguson J2
15Gready A2
15Hall J2
15Harwood M2
15Hembrow L2
15Heydenrck P2
15Hooper S2
15Howard P2
15Kunc N2
15Matthews J2
15Perkins G2
15Priddle T2
15Purnell B2
15Robinson C2
15Sherlock S2
15Tape D2
15Taylor A2
15Williams R2
15Windsor N2