(known as Somerset County Bowling Association Benevolent Fund)
John Durston (Clevedon Bowling Club)
Colin Westlake (Winscombe Bowling Club)
David Wederell (Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club)

Committee Members:
Alan Gray (Portishead RBL Men Bowling Club)
Shirley Nicholls (Street Bowling Club)
Shirley Wederell (Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club)
Peter Cast (Winscombe Bowling Club)
Jill Price (Bridgwater Bowling Club)
Dawn Barnaby (Bloomfield Bowling Club)

Secretary: Ross Turnbull (Bloomfield Bowling Club)
Treasurer: Andrew. Chappell (Bath Men Bowling Club)
Benevolent Co-ordinator: Mrs D. Barnaby (Bloomfield Bowling Club)

1. The Fund is a Charity set up for the purpose of
(a) providing a small gift, up to a prescribed maximum value, to members, in the case of sickness, bereavement or other similar misfortune.
(b) awarding grants to members who, subject to qualifying under Paragraph 6, are in need of financial help.
2. The Fund shall be administered by three trustees and six other members, their appointments being approved by the Association Executive Board and ratified at the Association AGM. All shall have a vot