• 1.        Name

The League shall be known as the Somerset Bowls League. The League and the Divisions within the League may be named to incorporate the names of sponsors.

  • 2.        Entries
  • a)        The League will be open to clubs affiliated to the SBA. Each club may enter two teams per three rinks they have available for use (e.g. Clubs with their own six rink green may enter up to four teams). Each team shall comprise three rinks of men.
  • b)        Joining fees and annual subscriptions shall be set by the League Committee and shall be collected with competition entry fees in the autumn of the preceding year.
  • c)        Clubs wishing to enter new teams in the League shall apply by 31st July of the previous year.
  • d)        Continuing membership thereafter shall be assumed.
  • e)        Clubs wishing one or more of their teams to resign, which shall be their lowest team(s), shall advise the County League Secretary in writing as soon as they have resolved so to do, stating clearly when such resignation is to take effect.

3.        Structure

  • a)        For the County League the County shall be divided into three administrative regions.
  • b)        There shall be two County-wide Premier Divisions of twelve teams each. The remaining teams shall be divided within their Region into one or more divisions according to the table bel