This was the last game in this year’s group and took place on a lovely afternoon at Broadway
Bowls club against Worcestershire. Only one change was made to the team, and as always it’s
an honor to welcome a new Middleton Cup player into the team. In this instance it was more
than that, with Ollie Collins of Illminster making his Middleton Cup debut. I hope this
opportunity and experience stands him in good stead moving forwards.
I would once again like to thank all those who travelled including our President the reserves
and supporters alike, who came along to the game. The green was as always at this venue
looking good and in my previous experience is one of the fastest most of us would get to play
It is always difficult in the last group game to get intensity as Worcestershire had also lost to
both Corwall and Wiltshire by 11 and 35 shots respectively. But it was important to push on
from the previous weeks win against Herefordshire and all credit to the Somerset players for
doing just that.
Following our opening game the first 5 ends across the board have been good and once again
we pushed on to a 10 shot advantage across the board. With Rinks Skipped by Neil Yeoman,
Nick Pearce, and James Amery all taking an early lead, with the other rinks all tight.
The Somerset players continued to build the lead and by 15 ends we sat 30 shots up on a
deflated Worcestershire team with Kevin Jones’ rink of Ed Hopegood, Lee Stocker and Craig
Doughty rampant over a strong rink skipped by International Andy Walters.
As the game went into its final throes Somerset held on, winning on 4 of the 6 rinks by 125 to
105. The winning rinks being Kevin Jones, James Amery, Nick Pearce and Neil Yeoman.
Unfortunately the other two rinks didn’t quite get the results they deserved, Sam Steel, with
Ollie Collins leading (superbly I may add) losing by a handful of shots. Neil Saunders rink
fought hard, but just didn’t get the rub of the green.
We finish the year on 46 points, with a plus 90 shot difference, we held a lead late in every
group game we played, let’s take the positives of which there are many and look to improve
next year.
It falls to me to thank everyone for their support to both myself and the team throughout this
year including our President, Vice President, Match Secretary, Performance Director, Selectors
and Team Coach. I would also like to mention Lisa Stocker who has now assumed the role of
Official Match Scorer, great job Lisa Thank you.
To the Squad, thank you all for your commitment throughout the year and taking on board
some of the new ideas introduced. We will be having a Squad day on the 15th September at
Bristol BC, at 11am (Arrive 10.45) which will last around 3 hours. All Members of this year’s Squad
are invited to attend, anyone unavailable please let me know.
Dave Alder
Middleton Cup Team Manager