Gentlemen, my thanks to the large numbers of players who made themselves available this years Middleton Cup Trials. My congratulations to all those players that have been selected, I look forward to seeing you all at Victoria Bowls club on the 12th May. Could I ask that any selected player who’s circumstances change and cannot make the trial please call me directly to let me know.

So that everyone understands the format for this year, the first trial will start at 10am, successful players from this trial will play again at against rinks built up of last years Middleton Cup team. Subsequently a squad will be selected of approximately 30 players who will be invited back to the following Sunday for the squad-day.

I am sure there are many of you who put your names forward who are disappointed at not been selected. I can assure you all that everyone was discussed, and that the selection process was well considered. Although you may not have made it this year, we as a selection team will continue to go out and watch players.

We are fortunate as a County to have so many outstanding players, with the level of performances improving year on year. I would urge all aspiring Middleton Cup players to come along to this year’s games and support our County Team.

Dave Alder, Middleton Cup Team Manager.