Somerset v Dorset

At Victoria BC, on Saturday 24th June at 2.00pm

The team selected for this match is:
Please report to Peter Mottram by 1pm
Andy Taylor (Ba)Ryan Hooper (Wat)Will Anderson (Ilm)
Dale Taylor (Ba)Steve Secker (PRBL)John Freeman (Ba)
Neil Saunders (Bri)Matt Hamilton (Ilm)Andy Sully (Wil)
Nick Pearce (Cle)Peter Shaw (Tau)Tim Salter (Str)
John Kingston (Ilm)Eddy Hopegood (Bri)Jack Groves (Wat)
Dave Churchill (Bri)Lee Stocker (Vic)Clive Tidcombe (Bri)
Chris Spurrey (Ba)Barry Barry (WilP)Luke Townsend (Wat)
James Amery (Tau)Kevin Jones (Blo)Steve Hooper (Wat)
Reserves to attend:
Mike Davies (Ban)Jason Ovens (Bri)
Steve Davies (Vic)Sam Steel (Wat)
Pete Mattraver (Ilm)Reece White (Bri)
Also in the squad:
Reece Williams (Str)Levi Hembrow (Ilm)

Any queries to Peter on 01460 241290 or at