YearLadies 4W -Winners - Duckett TrophyRunners-up -Dorothy Ellis Cup
2021Stef Branfield (Cle)Imogen Cracknell (TD)
2019Stef Branfield (Cle)Olivia Starr (Br)
2018Kirsty Hembrow (Taunton Deane)Rebecca McMillan (St. Andrews)
2017Stef Branfield (Clevedon)Anne King (Congresbury)
2016Stef Branfield (Clevedon)Elaine Amery(Williton)
2015Lynn Williams (Taunton Deane)Kate Herbison (Congresbury)
2014Heather Willerton (City of Wells)Mary Sutton (Somerton & Dist)
2013Elaine Amery (Williton)Stef Branfield (Clevedon)
2012Stef Branfield (Clevedon)Lyn Palmer (Clevedon)
2011Edna Bessell MBE (Yeovil)Stef Branfield (Clevedon)
2010Angela Fish (Keynsham)Margaret Noddings (Clarence)
Somerset CLBA prior to 2010
2009Marilyn Gozna (Portishead RBL)Amy Stanton (Wellington)
2008Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Elaine Amery (Williton)
2007Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Joan Jenkins (Taunton Deane)
2006Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)Angie Watkins (Donyatt)
2005Elaine Amery (Williton)Joan Walmsley (Bath)
2004Jill Young (Taunton)Angela Fish (Alexandra Bath)
2003Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Elizabeth Williams (Wessex)
2002Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)Mary Sutton (Somerton & Dist)
2001Jill Young (Taunton)Sadie Farrell (Castle Cary)
2000Jill Young (Taunton)Shirley Nicholls (Street)
1999Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Shirley Beacham (Minehead)
1998Arlene Pilgrim (Clarence)Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)
1997Nova Edwards (Bridgwater BCL)C. Hosey (Stothert & Pitt)
1996Elaine Amery (Williton)Anne Woods (Street)
1995Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)J. Dennis (Taunton Deane)
1994Edna Bessell (Yeovil)A. Birtle (Clevedon)
1993Mary Sutton (Somerton & Dist)
1992J. Moore (Alexandra)
1991Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Yvonne Groom (Street)
1990Edna Bessell (Yeovil)
1989Jill Price (Burnham-on-Sea)Edna Bessell (Yeovil)
1988Joan Croker (Imperial)Freda Bowditch (Norwest)
1987Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Joan Curtis (Yatton)
1986Joan Croker (Imperial)
1985Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)Edna Bessell (Yeovil)
1984H. Healey (Frome Selwood)
1983Joan Curtis (Yatton)
1982Ada Joyner (Imperial)Ruth Edwards (Minehead)
1981Florence Tovey (Ashcombe )Shirley Nicholls (Street)
1980B. Lewis (Wessex)
1979M. Moss (Clevedon Prom)
1978Joan Curtis (Backwell)
1977Joan Curtis (Backwell)
1976Joan Curtis (Backwell)
1975F. Corbett (Taunton)
1974Joan Curtis (Backwell)
1973M. Moss (Yatton)
1972F. Corbett (Taunton)
1971M. Nicholls (Alexandra)
1970Nancie Colling (Frome Selwood)
1969P. Garland (Backwell)
1968Doris Foulkes (Bloomfield)
1967F. Corbett (Taunton)V. Haley (Norwest)
1966Connie Williams (Clarence)
1965Margaret Attwood (Street)
1964D. Foulkes (Bloomfield)
1963Mrs. Picton (Clarence)Mrs Evans (Frome Selwood).
1962Connie Williams (Clarence)
1961D. Ellis (Bloomfield)
1960Molly Dare (Street)
1959D. Ellis (Bloomfield)
1958Mrs Simpkins (Taunton)
1957Mrs Bowen (Knowle Park)
1956Mrs Bowen (Knowle Park)
1955Mrs Hammond (Clarence)
1954Connie Williams (Clarence)
1953Max Davis (Ashcombe)
1952Mrs Courtenay (Vict Pk B'water)
1951Mrs Courtenay (Vict Pk B'water)
1950Mrs Courtenay (Vict Pk B'water)G. Ellis (Bloomfield)
1949C. Dimond (Yeovil)C. Williams (Clarence)
1948D. Lawrence (Taunton)L. Parnell (Clarence)
1947L. Parnell (Clarence)
1946Mrs Courtenay (Vict Pk B'water)C. Dimond (Yeovil)
1940T. J. Lark (Ashcombe)Mrs. Yerbury (Bloomfield)
1939Mrs Simister (Ardagh)T. J. Lark (Clarence)
1938L. Parnell (Clarence)
1937F. Yerbury (Bloomfield)C. Williams (Clarence)
1936L. Parnell (Clarence)K. Reed (Bath)
1935A. W. Hodder (Frome)E.W.A.Brown (Weston-s-Mare)
1934C. Williams (Clarence)Mrs. Virgo (Bristol)
1933K. Reed (Bloomfield)T. J. Lark (of Weston-s-Mare)
1932Connie Williams (Clarence)E.W.A.Brown (Weston-s-Mare)
1931Mary Parker (Frome Selwood)K. Reed (Bloomfield)
1930L. Parnell (Clarence)Mrs. Rogers (Bath)
1929F. Yerbury (Bloomfield)Connie Williams (Clarence)