YearLadies 2 Wood winners - Anne Brown Two Wood CupRunners-up- Dorothy C Hutchings Trophy
2021Stef Branfield (Cle)Heather Willerton (CoW)
2019Laura Holden (Cle)Stef Branfield (Cle)
2018Marilyn Gozna (Portishead RBL)Joan McInally (Ashcombe Park)
2017Joan Walmsley (Bath)Marilyn Gozna (Portishead RBL)
2016Kate Herbison (Congresbury)Liz Taylor (Long Ashton)
2015Lynn Williams (Taunton Deane)Elaine Amery (Williton)
2014Joan Walmsley (Bath)Kate Herbison (Congresbury)
2013Joan Walmsley (Bath)Elaine Amery (Williton)
2012Kirsty Hembrow (Taunton Deane)Lois Greeves (Clevedon Prom)
2011Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)Celia Whitmarsh (Chew Stoke)
2010Kathryn Holmes (Yeovil)Celia Whitmarsh (Chew Stoke)
Somerset CLBA prior to 2010
2009Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Joan Walmsley (Bath)
2008Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)
2007Amy Stanton (Wellington)Jill Price (Bridgwater BCL)
2006Joan Walmsley (Bath)Elaine Amery (Williton)
2005Elaine Amery (Williton)Rose Wigley (Street)
2004Margaret Noddings (Clarence)Nova Edwards (Bridgwater BCL)
2003Nova Edwards (Bridgwater BCL)Mary Sutton (Somerton & Dist)
2002Elaine Amery (Williton)Muriel Lewis (Nailsea)
2001Celia Whitmarsh (Chew Stoke)Chris Shearing (Bath)
2000Finalists - Edna Bessell (Yeovil)and Jill Price (Bridgwater BCL)
1999Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Iris Hickery (Bristol South)
1998Shirley Nicholls (Street)Celia Soby (Fosseway)
1997Rose Hellens (Portishead RBL)Shirley Nicholls (Street)
1996Mary Sutton (Somerton & Dist)V. Bodman (Alexandra)
1995Lois Greeves (Clevedon Prom)B. Moore (Purnell)
1994Lois Greeves (Clevedon Prom)Edna Bessell (yeovil)
1993Yvonne Groom (Street)
1992Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)
1991Edna Bessell (Yeovil)Doreen Hall (Wessex)
1990Joan Curtis (Yatton)
1989Edna Bessell (Yeovil)M. Street (Clarence)
1988Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)J. Mills (Burnham-on-Sea)
1987Shirley Nicholls (Street)Mrs. Van Der Merwe (Bloomfield)
1986Edna Bessell (Yeovil)
1985Mrs H. Hales (Imperial)Mrs. E.Richardson (Wellington)
1984Mrs. E. Miller (Nailsea)
1983Mrs H. Hales (Imperial)
1982Molly Worth (Keynsham)J. Mills (Victoria Pk Bridgwater)
1981Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Prom)
1980Mrs M. Newbould (Nailsea)
1979Mrs G. Ripley (Keynsham)
1978Joan Curtis (Backwell)
1977Joan Curtis (Backwell)
1976Mrs. B. Markwick (Shepton Mallet)
1975Mrs M. Moss (Yatton)
1974Joan Curtis (Backwell)
1973Mrs G. M. Patten (Ilminster)
1972Mrs G Ripley (Keynsham)
1971Mrs G Ripley (Keynsham)
1970Mrs K. Jordan (Wellington)
1969Mrs. P. Angus (Street)
1968Mrs. P. Angus (Street)
1967Mrs. G. A. Mapstone (Ashcombe)Mrs M. F. Angus (Street)
1966Mrs. D. Green (Taunton Deane)
1965Mrs. N. Evans (Frome Selwood)
1964Mrs. M. Attwood (Street)
1963Mrs. D. Dyer (Clevedon Prom)Mrs Knight (Bloomfield)
1962Mrs. D. Foulkes (Bloomfield)
1961Mrs. D. Ellis (Bloomfield)
1960Mrs. Millier (Banwell)
1959Mrs. Berry (Bloomfield)
1958Mrs. D. Ellis (Bloomfield)
1957Mrs. D. Foulkes (Bloomfield)
1956Mrs. D. Ellis (Bloomfield)
1955Mrs. Prideaux (Backwell)
1954Mrs. Small (Vict Pk.Bridgwater)
1953Mrs. Kidwell (Knowle Park)
1952Mrs. Courtenay (Vict Pk.Bridgwater)
1951Mrs. L. Parnell (Clarence)
1950Mrs. Courtenay (Vict Pk.Bridgwater)Mrs. Dando (Alexandra)
1949Mrs. Baldwin (Knowle Park)Mrs. Callard (Bridgwater)
1948Mrs. Courtenay (Vict Pk.Bridgwater)
1947Mrs. L. Parnell (Clarence)
1946Mrs. L. Parnell (Clarence)
1939Mrs. Yerbury (Bloomfield)(15-12)Mrs. L. Parnell (Clarence)
1939County records stated that Mrs L. Parnell was winner but full report in Western Daily Press of 29.7.1939 records the details of Mrs Yerbury's win