YearMixed Pairs Winners - Mike Martin Millenium MugsRunners-up - Bloomfield Cup
2021Olivia Starr, Ed Hopegood (Br)Sally Dart, Aaron Delamont (Pur/Nor)
2019Angie Thompson, Will Anderson (Ilminster)Judith Staunton, Graham Symonds (Ba)
2018Angie Thompson, Will Anderson (Ilminster)Sue Crouch, Duncan McGovern (Bath)
2017Brian and Kate Herbison (Congresbury)Karen Malone, Chris Frost (Street)
2016Angie Thompson, Bev Brister (Ilminster)Celia Soby, Tony Cooper (Fosseway)
2015Karen Malone, Chris Frost (Street)Sheila Short, Richard Withers (Clevedon)
2014Carolina Venn, Steve Davies (St Andrews)Karen Malone, Chris Frost (Street)
2013Mary Sutton, David Sutton (Somerton & Dist)Lynn Newport, Kevin Jones (Bloomfield)
2012Celia Soby, Tony Cooper (Fosseway)Lynn Newport, Kevin Jones (Bloomfield)
2011Marilyn Gozna, Terry Barnes (Portishead RBL)Trudy and David Bishop (City of Wells)
2010Kate and Brian Herbison (Congresbury)Celia and Tony Whitmarsh (Chew Stoke)
Somerset County Bowling Association ran this prior to 2010
2009Muriel Lewis, Ian Blatchford (Nailsea)Julie Ratcliffe, Brian Deverill (West Backwell)
2008Margaret Ryder, Neil Kunc (Bridgwater BCL)Graham Luker, Margaret Bray (Weston Bath)
2007Muriel Lewis, Ian Blatchford (Nailsea)Margaret Ryder, Neil Kunc (Bridgwater BCL)
2006Pat and Debroy Gregory (Portishead RBL)Mike Martin, Glenys Bazley (Yeovil)
2005Jenny Whitlock, Steve Turner (Yeovil)Marilyn Gozna, Terry Barnes (Portishead RBL)
2004Paul and Jill Hanks (Prattens)Will and Marilyn Anderson (South Petherton)
2003Nan Taylor (Burnham), Duncan McGovern (Taunton)Marilyn Gozna, Terry Barnes (Portishead RBL)
2002Judith Staunton, David Lawrence (Bath Civil Service)Kay and John Male (Minehead)
2001Gerry and Jan Moores (Purnell)Graham Luker (Weston Bath), Doreen Knocker (Victoria Pk Bath)
2000Ian and Jenny Bell (Knowle Park)Tony and Chris Shearing (Bath)