International and National Honours from 1928-2009 -Somerset County Ladies BA
Mrs. E. Anderson (Keynsham)Patrons Cup Winner1972
Mrs. M. Attwood (Street)International1966, 1969,1972, 1976
National Singles Champion1975
Edna Bessell M.B.E. (Yeovil)National Two Wood Singles Runner-up1989
International1991, 1992, 1993, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009
National Singles Runner-up1991
Women's National Bowler of the Year1991, 2008
World Championships Triples Bronze Medal1992
World Championships Fours Bronze Medal1992
Atlantic Rim Team Gold Medal1993
Atlantic Rim Triples Silver Medal1993
Atlantic Rim Fours Bronze Medal1993
Atlantic Rim Fours Gold Medal2005
Atlantic Rim Pairs Silver Medal2009
National Singles Champion2007, 2008
National Two Woods Singles Champion2008
British Isles Singles Runner-up2008, 2009
Stefanie Branfield (Clevedon)Junior International2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Mrs. E. W. A. Brown (Ashcombe)International1935
Nancie Colling (Frome Selwood)National Singles Champion1970
(see also Nancie Whalley)World Bowls Representative1973
Mrs. G. Courtenay (Victoria Park, Bridgwater)International1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952
National Two Wood Champion1952
Joan Curtis (Yatton)Patrons Cup Winner1978
International1982, 1983, 1984, 1985
Margaret Dyer (Clevedon Promenade)National Two Wood Champion1992
National Over 55s Champion1994, 1996
Mrs. N. Evans (?....................)National Two Wood Champion)1965
Mrs. M. Griffiths (Nailsea)Patrons Cup Winner1981
Marilyn Gozna (Portishead RBL)National Champion of Champions - Runner-up2005
Marilyn Gozna (Portishead RBL) with Terry Barnes (RBL)National Mixed Pairs Runners-up2006
Kirsty Hembrow (Taunton Deane)Junior International2006, 2007, 2008
Val Jones (Frome Selwood)Patrons Cup Winner1987, 1993
Mrs. A. Joyner (Imperial)National Over 60s Singles Champion1985
Mrs. T. J. Lark (Ashcombe)International1946
Mrs. G. Mereweather (Keynsham)Patrons Cup Winner1980
Mo Monkton (Yeovil)International2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
European Team Championships Team Gold Medal2007
European Team Championships Mixed Pairs Winners2007
European Team Championships Team Silver Medal2009
Mrs. M. Nichols (Alexandra)Patrons Cup Winner1977
Mrs. L. Parnell (Clarence)National Singles Champion1936
International1937, 1938, 1939, 1948
National Two Wood Champion1939
Mrs. Preece (Victoria Park, Bridgwater) International1954, 1955
Mrs. K. Reed (Bloomfield)International1939
Amy Stanton (Wellington)Junior International2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Joan Walsmley (Bath)National Two Wood Singles Runner-up2009
Nancie Whalley (Frome Selwood)National Singles Champion1956, 1958
(see also Nancie Colling)International1957, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975
Connie Williams (Clarence)International1938
Ashcombe (F.Tovey, Edna Bessell (Yeovil))Mother & Daughter Winners1984, 1987, 1992
Bloomfield (Mrs. West, Mrs, Wardle, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Swann)National Fours Champions1937
Bridgwater BCL (Nova Edwards, Jill Price)National Over 55s Pairs Champions2001
Clevedon Promenade (Mrs. M.Sellars,Mrs. R. Rowsell, Mrs. S.Bisset, Mrs M.Dyer)National Fours Champions1999
British Isles Fours Runners-up2000
Ilminster (Mrs. M. Collins, Mrs. J. Lang, Mrs. G. Patten)National Triples Champions1969
Minehead (Pauline. Morgan, Sue Langdon)National Pairs Champions2000
British Isle Pairs Champions2001
Portishead RBL (Marilyn Gozna, Terry Barnes)National Mixed Pairs Runners-up2006
Street (Mrs. O.Bennett, Mrs. E. Nellis)National over 60s Pairs Champions?
Wessex (Mrs. Mary Collard, Mrs. Jean Rees)National Over 55s Pairs Champions1998
Yeovil (see also Ashcombe)
Yeovil (Mrs E. Bessell and................. )National Triples Runners-up1991
Yeovil (names missing)National Fours Runners-up1991
Yeovil (Mo Monkton, Edna Bessell)National Pairs Champions1998
Yeovil (Jenny Whitlock, Mo Monkton, Edna Bessell)National Triples Runners-up1998
Yeovil (Jenny Whitlock, Edna Bessell)National Over 55s Pairs Champions2004
Somerset Successes in National Inter-County Competitions
2008Walker Cup (Double Rink) ChampionsElaine Amery, Joan Walmsley, Pat Kingston, Edna Bessell
Angela Fish, Kirsty Hembrow, Chris Shearing, Mo Monkton
2008Amy Rose (Junior Double Rink) Runners-upLaura Holden, Ann Lawrence, Amy Stanton, Kathryn Holmes
Vicki Buick, Rebecca McMillan, Stef Branfield, Kirsty Hembrow
2004Walker Cup (Double Rink) Runners-upAngie Watkins, Nova Edwards,Margaret Dyer, Jill Young
Elaine Amery, Elaine Deverill, Mo Monkton, Edna Bessell
2000Johns' Trophy Runners-upTeam members unknown
1997Johns' Trophy Runners-upTeam members unknown
1996Walker Cup (Double Rink) ChampionsSue Langdon, Jean Murrell, Shirley Nicholls, Edna Bessell
Jill Price, Nova Edwards, Jill Young, Margaret Dyer
1996Johns' Trophy WinnersSue Langdon, Sylvia Bissett, Shirley Nicholls, Edna Bessell
Jill Price, Yvonne Groom, Nova Edwards, Margaret Dyer
Mo Monkton, Teresa Hawkins, Mary Sutton, Jean Murrell
Angie Watkins, Jean Light, Shirley Weaden, Pat Hornett
Barbara Sykes, Jean Checketts, Jean Garlick, Jill Young
Joan Davis, Jean Reed, Pat Kingston, Doreen Hall
1995Walker Cup (Double Rink) Runners-upSue Langdon, Jean Murrell, Shirley Nicholls, Edna Bessell
Jill Price, Nova Edwards, Jill Young, Margaret Dyer
1992Johns' Trophy Runners-upTeam members unknown
1992Walker Cup (Double Rink) Runners-upJill Price, Nova Edwards, Jill Young, Joan Curtis
Margaret Dyer, Jean Garlick, Edna Bessell, Shirley Nicholls
1977Walker Cup (Double Rink) ChampionsWyn Axford, Dorothy Skelton, Gladys Patten, Doris Foulkes
Gwen Ripley, Barbara Vowles, Val Hales, Joan Curtis
1970Walker Cup (Double Rink) ChampionsOlive Bennett, Gladys Patten, Val Hales, Doris Foulkes
Mrs. D. Stockman, Mrs. E. Anderson, Mrs. E. Newman, Mrs. Joan Curtis